Our Services


       Marine Claims

  • Dry Cargo Container Claims

  • Refeer Container Claims

  • Steel Out-turn Survey Claims

  • Railroad / Trucking Claims

  • P&I Crew Personal Injury Claims

  • Ports & Terminal Claims

  • Charterers' Liability Claims

  • PE & HHG Claims*


       *Personal Effects & House Hold Goods





       Technical Surveys

  • Vessel / Barge Pre-purchase Inspections

  • Tank Corrosion Assessment Surveys

  • P & I Vessel Condition Surveys

  • P & I Hatch Cover Integrity Test (via Ultrasonic Testing)

  • Load / Stow / Securing Surveys

  • ISM Audits

  • Pollution & Safety Advisory Services

  • Marine Expeditors & Loss Control Activities

  • Project Cargo Warranty Survey & Risk Management


       *required to support the survey warranty typically found in project                   cargo / DSU (Delay in Start Up) insurance policies. These are "critical             items" that if lost or damage could considerably delay the construction         as the items are difficult to replace.





       Bulk Cargo Quantity Measurement Surveys

  • Draft Surveys

  • Petroleum Surveys (Crude / Products)







       Bunker Surveys

  • Bunker Stem Investigative Surveys (BSIS)1

  • Charter On/Off Hire Surveys

  • Bunker Investigative Surveys

  • Serve as Protective Surveyor / Superintendent during Bunkering

  • Sludge Disposal / Discharge Surveys

  • 'Bad' Bunker Dispute Claims (Charterer's Liability Claims)2





       Bunker Claims / Investigative Surveys







Bunker Stem Investigative Survey (or BSIS) is an all-inclusive service and unique to Petro Inspect which is carried out on all vessels prior stemming bunkers. ONLY with BSIS you get the true ‘snap shot’ of the bunker ROB onboard the vessel and the barge and thus be in better position to deal with any post-bunker disputes should one arise.



2 Our expertise is frequently called upon to intervene in an event of ‘Bad’ Bunker dispute claims i.e. bunker contamination and consequential liabilities arising from the supply of off- specification fuels where we will ensure that proper chain of custody is maintained prior to subsequent laboratory analysis.

If a service is not covered in the above list, please feel free to call us; if we can assist with the required service, we certainly will; however, if we find that another firm can serve the client better, we will refer the client accordingly.

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